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Photo by Leo Deveny

Photo by Leo Deveny

"Infusing a mix of 90s Grunge with 70s Guitar Hero Rock n’ Roll, think of The Absolute as the soundtrack and preparedness kit for your life’s journey."

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, The Absolute consists of lead vocalist Philip Ross, drummer Anthony Lopez, guitarist Michael Pozzi, and bassist Ryan Driscoll. Their first full length album Grow (2014) is their latest project, and was released with San Diego based Randm Records.

Opening with the folk inspired From This Day Forward, The Absolute issues a symbolic call to arms. “We’re not telling you what to think”, says Anthony. “We just hope that you will think.” Philip Ross contemplates failed relationships in the infectiously catchy Smile while also turning more introspective, reflecting on one’s own failures and legacy on the hauntingly beautiful tracks No Wonder and Grow.

The band has frequently performed at renowned LA rock clubs such as The Hotel Cafe, The Echoplex, The Bootleg Theatre, and The Satellite among others. But the Absolute’s concert is more than a performance. “What we try to encourage through our live show is an open, creative environment,” Phil says, “A platform to expand your mind. We’re here to challenge you: the absolute art, the absolute love, the absolute life; do everything all the way… and Grow."

Booking - Scott Reifman at Odds On Agency

Licensing & Publishing - Heyday Media Group

Other inquiries - Archie Castillo (MGMT)